About us

HydroFlex is a company manufacturing and service industry specializing in industrial valves and water systems. The roots of its operations back to 1973. HydroFlex Company is the sole manufacturer of 100% flexible couplings in Poland. For over 23 years we produce a wide range of flexible couplings. Today, we are counting company in the domestic market and abroad. We cooperate with corporations such as Polish, Germany, Lithuania and Ukraine.

The products produced in plants are characterized HydroFlex workmanship, aesthetic design and operational reliability. Our key objective is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. To this end, we employ experienced and professionally prepared staff and invest in new technologies, constantly expanding range of products.

Standard warranty on the Connections Flexible Stainless Steel Braided manufactured at HYDROFLEX is granted for two years *

* Warranty can be extended for a period longer than two years after the previous information by the buyer where and under what conditions will be attached braided Flexible Connection Stainless Steel Production Hydroflex.