Flexible connections

Our hoses are made from high quality materials from Europe and POLISH. This is achieved by using a stainless steel braid AISI 304, rubber (EPDM) and PE-X pipes (drinking waterpicture).

HydroFlex flexible couplings are used for water, heating, pressure, refrigeration, air conditioning. They are used for assembly of valves, filters, water meters, pumps, hydrophores, washing machines.

You can perform custom flexible couplings dot dimensions: length, diameter, ext. and external, and use a variety of endings.

Standard lengths of flexible couplings manufactured by HydroFlex it is L-15 cm L-250 cm.

We also flexible couplings on request.

Flexible connectors are manufactured by HydroFlex thread 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 &frac14″, 1 &frac12″, 2″, M8x1, M10x1, M12x1, M15x1.

Flexible couplings HydroFlex thanks to its parameters are virtually indestructible, and therefore we give warranty – individually for each client (For stainless steel joints.) Produced by HydroFlex Flexible hoses and connectors are insured.

Short characteristics of flexible couplings in braided stainless steel AISI 304:

  • resist pressures to 16 bar
  • resistance to temperatures up to 110° C
  • non-toxic
  • no rust
  • resistance to contact with Glycolic 35%

Flexible couplings braided stainless steel AISI 304 TYPES OF BOOKS:

Standard warranty on the Connections Flexible Stainless Steel Braided manufactured at HYDROFLEX is granted for two years *

* Warranty can be extended for a period longer than two years after the previous information by the buyer where and under what conditions will be attached braided Flexible Connection Stainless Steel Production Hydroflex.