HydroFlex is a company that manufactures hoses and connections flexible braided stainless steel AISI 304

Our flexible couplings are widely used in the field of sanitary and air-conditioning. Our company has the widest range of flexible couplings Polish, characterized by the highest quality and unbeatable, the only one in Poland with the sale of flexible couplings for potable water.

In addition to the production of flexible couplings are the only producer on the Polish market, braided hoses, stainless steel. We have a braiding machine in which we braided stainless steel wire AISI 304, galvanized steel, copper, aluminum and nylon.

Braided hoses RUBBER (EPDM), PE-X (drinking water), and we SILICON screens shielding the wires.

We can entwine various thicknesses ranging from snakes: DN6, DN8, DN10, DN12, DN15, DN19, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50.

There is a possibility for each braid hose after having established the technical data of the hose.

The company aims to establish and maintain partnerships with large networks, wholesalers of sanitary fittings, small shops and foreign partners.

Our advantage is the continuous improvement and implementation of new connections and hoses, the quality of the company and care about customer satisfaction.

We invite you to cooperation.

We believe that joining the ranks of our clients, you will be happy to be working.